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In God we Rust ? Understanding Trump's Base and how Karma is a Beach from Wichita

I dont like Trump  but  Spiritually Speaking its funny if it actually came to it i would vote Republican, CNN and the Liberal Free World of  Democrats are Hell bent on making a Cat pig or Rat or Cow no matter its Gender become President.

  so long as America's State Religion is not Christian  but  Democratic the popular liberal free choice. As it stands The Rising Population of American Mexicans & Indians is not alarming but Look at black people they started off as Slaves no thanks to White folks and Uncle Sam  but today are in positions of Sports and Billions .

 Look at The UK today London has a Muslim Mayor ? they Sure do and He is originally from Pakisatn !
You really think he has Zero Sentiments for Paksitan ?
  Now you might understand Trumps Base . But then His base and their ilk Who came In God We Trust  never understood the Native Americans They Met Centuries ago on the Mayflower

they slaughtered thousands and more for their Lands Their Heritage and their Dignity.

As they Say Karma is a Beach a Beach in Wichita !

So now the Indians are Back with the Mexicans the Chinese The Nigerians

and they also have a god they trust go figure
But No In God we Trust The Christians that is   .
Trump has the evangelicals on his side and they are clearly certain Trump is no saint He could be the Devil Himself for all they care He Actually is God's Devil !

 i am sure many reckon but He pays good religuous rhetorical tithe and thats as good as it gets for many of them , But the Degradation of a Nation built on God is not just political It speaks to The Heart of America . The New America and to the heartless of maerica the Old America That Racism and making america great was all that mattered


Frank Adeche

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